Thursday, January 29, 2009

Top 20 Worst Suburbs in Perth

From the figures in 2007/08 crime rate, we bring you the top 20 worst suburbs in Perth for crime.

TOP 20 Suburbs - % Houses broken into

1 Northbridge 13.6%
2 Medina 10.6%
3 Westminster 10.3%
4 St James 10.2%
5 Karawara 9.6%
6 Aubin Grove 9.4%
7 Koondoola 9.3%
8 South Lake 9.1%
9 Midland 9.0%
10 Bentley 8.3%
11 Hilton 8.0%
12 Neerabup 7.9%
13 Caversham 7.7%
14 Jindalee 7.4%
15 Redcliffe 7.4%
16 Wattle Grove 7.3%
17 Beeliar 7.1%
18 Naval Base 7.1%
19 Balga 7.1%
20 Burswood 7.0%

Suburbs that just narrowly missed out on the top 20 worst crime suburbs include Bertram, Koongamia, O'Connor, Nollamara, Mirrabooka and Ankatell

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Anonymous said...

what in the hell is going on in w.a. there doesnt seem to be a suburb that has not had breakins

Anonymous said...

We're looking to buy (to live in for approx. 5 years & then use as an investment). Friends are warning us off Gosnells, Kelmscott & parts of Forrestfield (these offer the price range we're looking at). Should we be listening? We're from the east coast.

Me said...

its hard to say because some suburbs are quite ok depending on the area of that suburb that you live in. Those suburbs you mentioned aren't too bad.

Anonymous said...

Do not move or Live in WA?The worst Place in the World/Im glad i moved

Anonymous said...

WA is the worst Place in the World to Live /No Suburb is safe?Bad Bad Bad WA

Anonymous said...

I have lived here all of my life and have never had a problem. Suburbs like padbury, kingsley, woodvale, kinross, currambine, duncriag, carine, craigie, are fantasic suburbs

This person said...

I live in Armadale and have done for over 2 years. I've never had a problem here and kelmscott and that isn't too bad. WA is amazing, been here my whole life.

Alicia said...

I dont know what people are on about WA being the worst in the world, clearly you havent experienced full on crime. Rapes, Murders, armed robberies are just all in a days work in South Africa, Iraq etc. Start opening your eyes and stop complaining about what you have.

Anonymous said...

Crime law should change. Maybe our laws are out of date. Should introduce tougher laws.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Midland wasn't further up to the top of the list for one of the worst. That place is disgusting. I'm absolutely shocked that Koongamia isn't near the top of the list, that place is completely feral.

Anonymous said...

Midland, Koongamia, Greenmount all those areas are where the filth of WA reside.

Anonymous said...

the only reason Jindalee is on that list is during that period it was a new suburb with houses in construction, hence things were stolen from work sites etc. It is now a coastal up scale suburb and Im sure has an extremely low crime rate.

Anonymous said...

im from inner city melb (carlton) and now live in kwinana - which i was warned about because of the crime
well 6 years on and what crime - i use to pass burning cars and syringes as well as gangs roaming the streets at night in vic

maybe people form WA should get out of the state every once in a while!!

worst thing about WA is the cost of just about everything, food & petrol just to name a few are way more exspensive here

Anonymous said...

I've been in Perth for a year and a half now and can say that Perth has it's up side and down side, like all other cities in Australia. The down side to it for me is that I find Perth a bit behind times compared to the east coast cities with night life, restaurants, fashion, wide variety of groceries etc. Also, Things here in Perth are more expensive.

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