Monday, December 17, 2012

5.27% Refinancing with Ubank is worth looking at

If you are looking to refinance your home loan, have a look at UBank's offer of 5.27% interest for a strictly no fee home loan that is backed by its parent company National Australia Bank. The only problem is if you are needing an offset account for tax purposes, otherwise this offer is pretty good because any amount you put into the home loan which is over and above the minimum repayment for the loan can be redrawn at any time without any fees incurred.

Also, I assume you noticed that 5.27% is a rate that is impossible to beat with the big four banks (otherwise let me know!) They are currently offering a $500 incentive (0.25% discount for the life of your loan) for those that refinance before the end of the year  14 March 2013. And no, I don't receive anything from UBank unless you happen to click on one of their ads if they appear on this website.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

House Hunting Will Begin December as Rates Drop 0.25%

Yesterday, the Reserve Bank (RBA) announced a drop of 0.25% for the cash rate down to 3.00%. Whether the banks follow or not, we will keep you updated here on this post (bookmark this!). For now here is the official announcement from the RBA as to why rates fell.

  • Bank of Queensland immediately dropped their rates by 0.20% to 6.51%
  • ING direct also followed BoQ and on the same day dropped rates by 0.25% to 5.72%
  • National Australia Bank on Wednesday morning cut their rates by 0.20% to 6.38%
  • UBank's UHomeloan followed their parent company NAB and has dropped their rates by 0.20% to 5.17%
  • Commonwealth Bank dropped their rates on Wednesday afternoon by 0.20% to 6.40%
  • Westpac have finally announced on Wednesday afternoon a 0.20% drop in their interest rates to 6.51%
  • ANZ announced on Friday 14th Dec that rates will be cut by 0.20%
At its meeting today, the Board decided to reduce the cash rate by 25 basis points to 3.0 per cent, effective 5 December 2012.
Global growth is forecast to be a little below average for a time. Risks to the outlook are still seen to be on the downside, largely as a result of the situation in Europe, though the uncertainty over the course of US fiscal policy is also weighing on sentiment at present. Recent data suggest that the US economy is recording moderate growth and that growth in China has stabilised. Around Asia generally, growth has been dampened by the more moderate Chinese expansion and the weakness in Europe.
Key commodity prices for Australia remain significantly lower than earlier in the year, though trends have been more mixed over the past few months. The terms of trade have declined by about 15 per cent since the peak, to a level that is still historically high.
Sentiment in financial markets remains better than it was in mid year, in response to signs of progress in addressing Europe's financial problems, though Europe is likely to remain a source of instability for some time. Long-term interest rates faced by highly rated sovereigns, including Australia, remain at exceptionally low levels. Capital markets remain open to corporations and well-rated banks, and Australian banks have had no difficulty accessing funding, including on an unsecured basis. Borrowing conditions for large corporations are similarly attractive and share prices have risen since mid year.
In Australia, most indicators available for this meeting suggest that growth has been running close to trend over the past year, led by very large increases in capital spending in the resources sector, while some other sectors have experienced weaker conditions. Looking ahead, recent data confirm that the peak in resource investment is approaching. As it does, there will be more scope for some other areas of demand to strengthen.
Private consumption spending is expected to grow, but a return to the very strong growth of some years ago is unlikely. Available information suggests that the near-term outlook for non-residential building investment, and investment generally outside the resources sector, remains relatively subdued. Public spending is forecast to be constrained. On the other hand, there are indications of a prospective improvement in dwelling investment, with dwelling prices moving a little higher, rental yields increasing and building approvals having turned up.
Inflation is consistent with the medium-term target, with underlying measures at around 2½ per cent. The introduction of the carbon price affected consumer prices in the September quarter, and there could be some further small effects over the next couple of quarters. Partly as a result of that, headline CPI inflation will rise above 3 per cent briefly. Looking further ahead, with the labour market softening somewhat and unemployment edging higher, conditions are working to contain pressure on labour costs. A continuation of moderate wage outcomes and improved productivity performance will be needed to keep inflation low, since the effects on prices of the earlier exchange rate appreciation are now waning. The Bank's assessment remains that inflation will be consistent with the target over the next one to two years.
Over the past year, monetary policy has become more accommodative. There are signs of easier conditions starting to have some of the expected effects, though the exchange rate remains higher than might have been expected, given the observed decline in export prices and the weaker global outlook. While the full effects of earlier measures are yet to be observed, the Board judged at today's meeting that a further easing in the stance of monetary policy was appropriate now. This will help to foster sustainable growth in demand and inflation outcomes consistent with the target over time.

Monday, December 3, 2012

November Rise for Perth Houses

Perth has outperformed its interstate rivals last month, with property prices rising one percent in November. Adelaide and Brisbane were the next best capital cities with 0.5% growth. A research analsyst, Cameron Kusher from RP Data, said that Perth and Brisbane are the only capital cities where the house prices are still under those of five years ago, indicating that Perth and Brisbane may have greater growth spurts in the coming years.

Darwin continues its strong performance with a 3.1% growth over the last quarter and a massive jump of 13.1% over the past year.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

October House Prices Mostly Down

Around Australia, October has been a slow month, with Hobart suffering a 4.5% drop in house prices and Adelaide prices down 2.5%. Melbourne and Canberra had drops of 1.1% whilst Brisbane and Sydney fell by 0.9% according to statistics released by RP Data.

The resources sector has kept Perth and Darwin in the black in October, with both recording improvements. Perth inched forward slightly with 0.4% growth whilst Darwin's growth in comparison was ten times more at 4%.

There is some evidence that many of the new buyers on the market are first home buyers. Usually 27% of buyers are first home buyers but recently that figure has been up to 33%.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Quick Update on Banks' Rate Changes

Following last Tuesday's announcement, Bank of Queensland was the first bank to announce a drop in their rates, dropping by 0.20%. Since then, NAB and Commonwealth Bank have dropped their rates by 0.20% with Westpac only dropping by 0.18%. ING Direct has dropped their rates by the full 0.25%. 
The Big Four banks variable rates from cheapest rate are listed below. 

  • NAB 6.58%
  • CBA 6.60%
  • ANZ 6.80%
  • Westpac 6.71%
11/10/12 - UBank has just today announced that they will reduce their home loan rate by the full 0.25% but this will only take effect on the 19th October. 
  • Ubank 5.57%
12/10/12 - ANZ today announced that they are only reducing their rates by 0.20%. Their rate now stands the same as CBA at 6.60%

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Perth Median House Rent $450

Perth continues to experience rent increases as the median price for renting out a house goes up to $450 per week. In the past year, rent prices have increased by 15% in Perth. For a unit in Perth, the price is at $390 per week, which is up 11% over the past year.

The only comfort we can get out of the recently released figures is that Darwin still holds the highest rent rates in the country at a massive $700 per week for a house in Darwin and $530 per week for units. In the past year, the Top End has experienced a rent surge of 27% which has caused some companies to reconsider their operational costs and relocate staff to other parts of Australia. Sydney is second in rent prices with a house costing $520 per week on average to rent.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Interest Rates Drop in Australia

The Bank of Queensland has wasted no time in announcing a cut in interest rates by 0.20% in response to the Reserve Bank's surprise move to drop the cash rate by 25 basis points. Here is what the RBA had to say: 
At its meeting today, the Board decided to lower the cash rate by 25 basis points to 3.25 per cent, effective 3 October 2012.
The outlook for growth in the world economy has softened over recent months, with estimates for global GDP being edged down, and risks to the outlook still seen to be on the downside. Economic activity in Europe is contracting, while growth in the United States remains modest. Growth in China has also slowed, and uncertainty about near-term prospects is greater than it was some months ago. Around Asia generally, growth is being dampened by the more moderate Chinese expansion and the weakness in Europe.
Key commodity prices for Australia remain significantly lower than earlier in the year, even though some have regained some ground in recent weeks. The terms of trade have declined by over 10 per cent since the peak last year and will probably decline further, though they are likely to remain historically high.
Financial markets have responded positively over the past few months to signs of progress in addressing Europe's financial problems, but expectations for further progress remain high. Low appetite for risk has seen long-term interest rates faced by highly rated sovereigns, including Australia, remain at exceptionally low levels. Nonetheless, capital markets remain open to corporations and well-rated banks, and Australian banks have had no difficulty accessing funding, including on an unsecured basis. Share markets have generally risen over recent months.
In Australia, most indicators available for this meeting suggest that growth has been running close to trend, led by very large increases in capital spending in the resources sector. Consumption growth was quite firm in the first half of 2012, though some of that strength was temporary. Investment in dwellings has remained subdued, though there have been some tentative signs of improvement, while non-residential building investment has also remained weak. Looking ahead, the peak in resource investment is likely to occur next year, and may be at a lower level than earlier expected. As this peak approaches it will be important that the forecast strengthening in some other components of demand starts to occur.
Labour market data have shown moderate employment growth and the rate of unemployment has thus far remained low. The Bank's assessment, though, is that the labour market has generally softened somewhat in recent months. 
Inflation has been low, with underlying measures near 2 per cent over the year to June, and headline CPI inflation lower than that. The introduction of the carbon price is affecting consumer prices in the current quarter, and this will continue over the next couple of quarters. Moderate labour market conditions should work to contain pressure on labour costs in sectors other than those directly affected by the current strength in resources. This and some continuing improvement in productivity performance will be needed to keep inflation low as the effects of the earlier exchange rate appreciation wane. The Bank's assessment remains, at this point, that inflation will be consistent with the target over the next one to two years.
Interest rates for borrowers have for some months been a little below their medium-term averages. There are tentative signs of this starting to have some of the expected effects, though the impact of monetary policy changes takes some time to work through the economy. However, credit growth has softened of late and the exchange rate has remained higher than might have been expected, given the observed decline in export prices and the weaker global outlook.
At today's meeting, the Board judged that, on the back of international developments, the growth outlook for next year looked a little weaker, while inflation was expected to be consistent with the target. The Board therefore decided that it was appropriate for the stance of monetary policy to be a little more accommodating.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Top 20 First Home Buyer Suburbs

The State government has released figures that might be interesting to those that are looking for their first home in Perth. These areas are the top 20 suburbs... with so many coming in at the same number, it looks more like a top 50 list. 
Top 20 suburbs for first home buyers so far in 2012-13:
1. Baldivis
2. Ellenbrook
3. Thornlie
4. Byford
5. Butler / Morley
6. Canning Vale / Girrawheen / Balga
7. Forrestfield
8. Southern River
9. Harrisdale
10. Banksia Grove
11. Scarborough / Maylands
12. Hamilton Hill / Gosnells / Australind
13. Nollamara
14. Kalgoorlie / Perth / Ballajura / Dianella / Waikiki / Hammond Park
15. Maddington / Bassendean / Wattle Grove
16. Meadow Springs / Secret Harbour / Huntingdale
17. Seville Grove / Clarkson / Willetton / Wellard
18. Dalyellup / Piara Waters / East Perth / Kelmscott / Port Kennedy
19. Como / Boulder / Halls Head / Bertram / Caversham / High Wycombe
20. Queens Park / Innaloo / Carlisle / Rivervale

First Homebuyers are Moving In

August figures for first home-owners grant applications has come in with 1,728 applications, up 41% from last year. There was also an article in the West Australian today that showed median house rents rose by $10 to $450 per week in the last three months, consistent with the previous two quarters of 2012. These two factors combined indicate that first home buyers are getting sick of the rising rents and starting to look for property. If you are a first home buyer, are you convinced?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why we didn't fix interest rates

I am not sure what I missed. Today Tonight last night talked about fixing your interest rates and made it seem like the only two options people should be considering is to
  1. Fix their whole home loan 
  2. Fix half of your home loan 
There is a third option which most people will realise, and it is the option that we chose. That option is to keep the whole home loan as variable. Currently, the world's interest rates are at an all time low. Australia by comparison has a very high interest rate. Whilst I do not work for a bank or mortgage broker, a casual read of the daily news gives me a feeling that interest rates are not going to go up too soon. 

Usually people will fix their interest rates because they are afraid that they will not be able to service their interest repayments IF interest rates go up. In a time when interest rates do not seem to be heading up soon, fixing your interest rate may have the opposite effect. Whilst everyone else's interest rate drops, you are stuck on 5.50%. 

Also when you fix your interest rate, you cannot make EXTRA repayments during that period. Let's say you fix your interest rate for three years and you have some extra cash to reduce your loan. You can't use that extra money to reduce your loan! 

Variable rates usually allow you to put some extra money in during good times and redraw that amount when an emergency comes along without too much drama. So, by watching Today Tonight, I was wondering whose press release they took and ran with for that story. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Interest Rates Steady in September

The Australian Reserve Bank has decided today not to move interest rates. The Bank mentioned various global factors that indicate a softening of the world markets. Commodity prices have fallen sharply in recent weeks and the "terms of trade peaked a year ago and have declined significantly since then".

The Bank also stated that most indicators show that economic growth has been "running close to trend, led by very large increases in capital spending in the resources sector". The carbon tax rated a mention as there were observations that the CPI was starting to go up however inflation remained under control. As a result, they decided not to change the interest rate, leaving the cash rate again at 3.5%.

This should be welcome news for those currently looking for a home and starting to investigate home loans.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Top 13 Suburbs to Buy than Rent

For those looking to switch from renting to buying, there are some interesting statistics released by RP Data today show three suburbs in Perth where it is cheaper to buy a place than rent it. Burswood was the only place you can do that with a house, where it is $545 cheaper per month to pay off the average mortgage than to pay the monthly rent. However, for units, it is cheaper to bu a unit in Mt Hawthorn and the Perth city centre than it is to rent it. Mt Hawthorn is $742/month cheaper to buy than rent whereas the city is almost the same, only $27/month cheaper to buy than rent a unit.

In ten other suburbs in Perth, the cost of buying a place is less than $400 more per month than renting. They are listed below in order of how much more you need to pay per month if you were paying off a mortgage for a house/unit in that suburb. 

Suburb Type Median price Monthly Rent Difference
Mount Hawthorn Unit $236,077 $2,037 -$742.24
Burswood House $671,183 $4,225 -$544.87
Perth Unit $469,237 $2,600 -$27.15
Glendalough House $360,555 $1,950 $26.94
West Perth Unit $484,302 $2,578 $77.12
Glendalough Unit $300,623 $1,517 $131.67
Osborne Park House $354,275 $1,777 $165.84
Ascot Unit $426,462 $2,167 $171.65
Rivervale Unit $356,174 $1,733 $219.59
Osborne Park Unit $296,170 $1,387 $237.25
Jolimont Unit $343,892 $1,603 $282.24
Kewdale Unit $353,238 $1,625 $311.82
Inglewood Unit $347,884 $1,517 $390.80

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Perth Most Expensive Capital for Land

IF you thought that Perth wasn't too expensive, perhaps you haven't looked at the price of land recently. Perth land has gone up 282% in the last ten years, taking over Sydney's title for most expensive in the country. The average land size in WA is 476m2 for $260,000 which makes a square metre in WA worth $555. Sydney which has always been head and shoulders above the rest of the country in this category comes second with $547 per square metre.

In the last five years, Melbourne has increased the most in price for vacant land, going up 91% since 2007 whereas Perth which had already experienced a massive land grab in 2007 only went up 15% in the same period.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Six Perth Suburbs in Australia's Top 10

In a significant endorsement for the Perth property market, the Your Investment Property magazine this month released their findings from a survey with top property experts around Australia. They listed the top ten suburbs in Australia and would you believe six of that top ten are in Perth!

2012 top 10
Distance CBD
Last year’s ranking
1. South Brisbane
    2kms from Brisbane
    Not in top 100
    2. Morley
      9kms from Perth
      Not in top 100
      3. Gladstone
        550kms from Brisbane
        4. Como
          6kms from Perth
          Not in top 100
          5. Perth
            1km from Perth
            Not in top 100
            6. South Hedland
              1,308kms from Perth
              7. Alexandria
                4kms from Sydney
                8. Hornsby
                  27kms from Sydney
                  Not in top 100
                  9. Wembley
                    5kms from Perth
                    Not in top 100
                    10. Fremantle
                      14kms from Perth
                      Not in top 100

                      When you compare last year's top ten, you can see that there has been a serious shift westward in the last 12 months amongst the experts.

                      2011 top 10
                      1. Alexandria
                        Inner Sydney
                        2. Gladstone
                          Regional Queensland (mining)
                          3. South Hedland
                            Regional WA (mining)
                            4. Newman
                              Regional WA (mining
                              5. Newtown
                                Inner Sydney
                                6. Potts Point
                                  Inner Sydney
                                  7. Toowoomba
                                    Regional Queensland
                                    8. Jannali
                                      Outer Sydney
                                      9. Chinchilla
                                        Regional Queensland (mining)
                                        10, Mount Colah
                                          Outer Sydney

                                          So where are you shopping for your next home in Perth?

                                          Tuesday, August 7, 2012

                                          RBA Announce Interest Rates Remain Unchanged

                                          The RBA today decided to keep interest rates at 3.5%. The RBA mentioned the world's softening economy and  China's continued growth as competing factors for Australia. The labour market showed no signs of major problems with unemployment remaining low.  Inflation has also stayed low, removing the need for an increase in interest rates but the bank acknowledged that the carbon tax will put some pressure on the inflation rate going forward. 
                                          Since there were no major problems with the economy, unemployment and inflation staying under control, the RBA left the rate unchanged for the month of August. 

                                          Wednesday, August 1, 2012

                                          Perth Getting Six Star Crown Hotel

                                          Crown today announced that they have reached an agreement with the state government to build a six star hotel adjacent to the newly renamed Crown Promenade and Crown Metropol hotels.

                                          Crown Towers Perth will be a $568 million dollar development producing 500 hotel rooms. WA tourism has been hampered by the lack of hotel beds in the city and will welcome this luxury development in the mining state's capital.

                                          The announcement overshadows the other part of the agreement, another 500 more additional gaming machines and 130 gaming tables will be added to the Crown portfolio no doubt explaining how this project will be funded. The hotel aims to be completed by 2016.

                                          Thursday, July 26, 2012

                                          Perth House Prices to Go Up

                                          The Australian Property Monitors have reported expectations that the house prices will go up after the June quarter showed a 0.2% rise, adding to the earlier 1.5% increase in the January-March quarter. The median house price in Perth is $536k. Whilst many news outlets have left the report at that, there is more you should know. In the latest figures, Perth was the weakest capital city market in Australia, with Hobart a marginally better increase by 0.5%.

                                          Wednesday, June 6, 2012

                                          Which Banks Passed the June 0.25% cut?

                                          We'll post here when any banks announce their interest rates intentions following the announcement by the RBA that they have cut the cash rate by 0.25 percent.
                                          • Tuesday: Bank of Queensland has dropped their rates by 20 basis points. Their announcement came out 25 minuts after the RBA announcement was made and therefore get the honorary first-mover award.
                                          • Wednesday: UniCredit has dropped their rates by the full 25 basis points taking their variable rate to a low 5.85%.
                                          • Friday: ANZ has just become the first of the big four banks to announce a rate cut, passing the whole 25 basis point cut on to their customers. 
                                          • Later on Friday: Westpac has announced a 20 basis point drop in their variable rate. And just as everyone was heading home on the east coast, the Commonwealth Bank also announced that it will drop their standard variable rate by 21 basis points. The National Australia Bank around 6pm EST announced that it too would drop rates by 21 basis points. UBank, which is a part of NAB now has a standard variable rate of 5.82% and for those with the loyalty discount, the rate is 5.62%.

                                          Tuesday, June 5, 2012

                                          0.25% Interest Rate Cut by RBA

                                          At its meeting today, the Board decided to lower the cash rate by 25 basis points to 3.50 per cent, effective 6 June 2012.
                                          Growth in the world economy picked up in the early months of 2012, having slowed in the second half of 2011. But more recent indicators suggest further weakening in Europe and some further moderation in growth in China. Conditions in other parts of Asia have largely recovered from the effects of last year's natural disasters, but the ongoing trend is unclear and could be dampened by slower Chinese growth. The United States continues to grow at a moderate pace. Commodity prices have declined lately, though they are mostly still high. Australia's terms of trade similarly peaked about six months ago, though they remain historically high.
                                          Financial market sentiment has deteriorated over the past month. The Board has noted previously that Europe would remain a potential source of adverse shocks. Europe's economic and financial prospects have again been clouded by weakening growth, heightened political uncertainty and concerns about fiscal sustainability and the strength of some banks. Capital markets remain open to corporations and well-rated banks, but spreads have increased. Long-term interest rates faced by highly rated sovereigns, including Australia, have fallen to exceptionally low levels. Share markets have declined.
                                          In Australia, available indicators suggest modest growth continued in the first part of 2012, with significant variation across sectors. Overall labour market conditions firmed a little, notwithstanding job shedding in some industries, and the rate of unemployment remains low. Nonetheless, both households and businesses continue to exhibit a degree of precautionary behaviour, which may continue in the near term.
                                          There have been no new data for inflation since the previous meeting. Over the coming one to two years, and abstracting from the effects of the carbon price, inflation is expected to be in the 2–3 per cent range. In the near term, it is likely to be in the lower part of that range, though maintaining low inflation over the longer term will require growth in domestic costs to slow as the effects of the earlier high exchange rate wane.
                                          As a result of earlier changes to monetary policy, interest rates for borrowers have declined to be a little below their medium-term averages. Business credit has increased more strongly in recent months, though credit growth remains modest overall. Housing prices had shown some signs of stabilising around the turn of the year, but have recently declined again. Generally, the housing market remains subdued. The exchange rate has declined over recent weeks, reflecting lower commodity prices, heightened risk aversion and expectations of lower interest rates.
                                          At today's meeting, the Board judged that, with modest domestic growth and a weaker and more uncertain international environment, the outlook for inflation afforded scope for a more accommodative stance of monetary policy.

                                          Monday, June 4, 2012

                                          SCAM: Owners House Almost Sold without Knowing

                                          There have been stories lately where people's houses have been fraudulently sold by scammers to a third party without the real estate agent realising. More recently, an Applecross real estate agent thwarted an attempt by scammers to sell an owner's house. The real estate agent was contacted by a supposed owner of an investment home to sell a house in Applecross. The agent contacted the owner and found out that it was a scam.

                                          In another case in Belmont, the owner's computer was hacked via a trojan horse (software sent to the owner which, when executed, enabled the hacker to gain access to the computer). They used details of the investment property found on the computer to request rent money be sent to an overseas account.

                                          Recently, the industry has embraced changes that require a more strict approach to identity verification to make it harder for these scammers to succeed in these scams but it seems that it still CAN happen to you.

                                          Friday, June 1, 2012

                                          May sees continued drop in Perth house prices

                                          Another month goes by and another set of figures are released. RP Data-Rismark announcing that Perth continues to be the one of the worst performing capital cities in Australia with a 1.7% drop in median house prices in May to $460,000.

                                          However, there is definitely an increase in sales activity with sales increasing 24% during the last two months and the number of properties for sale dropping to 13,000 which is near the ideal 12,000 properties according to REIWA. Are you looking for a home in Perth?

                                          Wednesday, May 30, 2012

                                          Population Explosion in Ellenbrook, Baldivis and Canning Vale

                                          RP Data has come out with the Top 30 suburbs for total population growth in the last five years. If you have ever passed through the Nicholson Road roundabout during peak hour, it wouldn't surprise you that Canning Vale is 8th in the country in total population growth. Not as bad as Ellenbrook which has added almost 10,000 residents into their suburb in the past five years making it the 4th fastest growing suburb in Australia. Far south near Rockingham is Baldivis, the region's winner in total population growth. A suburb's growth may not always be considered a good thing when infrastructure such as roads etc are not growing at the rate of the population leading to congestion problems. This is a factor to consider when looking at these figures. 

                                          Click the table to see an enlarged view

                                          Monday, May 28, 2012

                                          Crime Rates in Your Perth Suburb

                                          What are the dodgiest areas in Perth? How bad is your suburb?

                                          The Sunday Times published a table that showed the number of crimes (assaults, burglaries, robberies and car thefts) from March 2011 to February 2012 in various city council areas (in which suburbs are grouped). From this, they concluded that the areas with the most crime per 1000 persons were the most dangerous areas. Whether you think this is a fair way of measuring safety or not, here are the areas from safest to more dangerous.

                                          Local Government POPULATION CRIMES Per 1000
                                          Peppermint Grove 1,779 19 10.7
                                          Cambridge 27,442 411 15.0
                                          Serpentine-Jarrahdale 18,395 298 16.2
                                          Nedlands 22,918 394 17.2
                                          Cottesloe 8,357 156 18.7
                                          East Fremantle 7,751 147 19.0
                                          Joondalup 167,634 3,275 19.5
                                          Mosman Park 9,513 193 20.3
                                          Kalamunda 56,699 1,180 20.8
                                          Melville 103,767 2,179 21.0
                                          Vincent 31,771 728 22.9
                                          Subiaco 19,077 462 24.2
                                          Canning 89,879 2,366 26.3
                                          Mundaring 39,532 1,047 26.5
                                          Rockingham 108,022 2,896 26.8
                                          Wanneroo 156,337 4,197 26.8
                                          Claremont 10,034 282 28.1
                                          Stirling 205,961 6,346 30.8
                                          Bayswater 62,627 1,980 31.6
                                          Cockbum 94,003 3,068 32.6
                                          Armadale 64,284 2,118 32.9
                                          South Perth 44,760 1,508 33.7
                                          Swan 116,068 3,933 33.9
                                          Gosnells 109,041 3,712 34.0
                                          Belmont 35,979 1,860 51.7
                                          Bassendean 15,000 777 51.8
                                          Kwinana 30,433 1,587 52.1
                                          Fremantle 29,383 1,704 58.0
                                          Victoria Park 33,745 2,518 74.6
                                          Perth 18,616 2,410 129.5

                                          If you are not sure what city council the suburb you are looking at is in, here is a list from Wikipedia, with some suburbs divided into two council areas (hence the *)

                                          City of Armadale
                                          (formerly Westfield)
                                          Champion Lakes
                                          Mount Nasura
                                          Mount Richon
                                          Piara Waters
                                          Seville Grove
                                          Town of Bassendean
                                          Eden Hill
                                          City of Bayswater
                                          Mount Lawley
                                          (* City of Stirling, City of Vincent)
                                          (* City of Swan)
                                          City of Belmont
                                          Kewdale (* Shire of Kalamunda)
                                          Perth Airport (* City of Swan)
                                          Town of Cambridge
                                          City Beach
                                          Floreat (* City of Nedlands)
                                          Jolimont (* City of Subiaco)
                                          Mount Claremont (* City of Nedlands)
                                          Subiaco (* City of Subiaco)
                                          Wembley (* City of Stirling)
                                          Wembley Downs (* City of Stirling)
                                          West Leederville
                                          City of Canning
                                          Bentley (* Town of Victoria Park)
                                          Canning Vale (* City of Gosnells)
                                          East Cannington
                                          Leeming (* City of Cockburn, City of Melville)
                                          Queens Park
                                          St James (* Town of Victoria Park)
                                          Welshpool (* Town of Victoria Park)
                                          Willetton (* City of Melville)
                                          Town of Claremont
                                          Claremont * (* Town of Cottesloe, City of Nedlands)
                                          Swanbourne (* City of Nedlands)
                                          City of Cockburn
                                          Aubin Grove
                                          Bibra Lake
                                          Hamilton Hill
                                          Hammond Park
                                          Leeming (* City of Canning, City of Melville)
                                          North Lake
                                          South Lake
                                          Town of Cottesloe
                                          Claremont (* Town of Claremont, City of Nedlands)
                                          Town of East Fremantle
                                          East Fremantle
                                          City of Fremantle
                                          North Fremantle
                                          South Fremantle
                                          White Gum Valley
                                          City of Gosnells
                                          Canning Vale (* City of Canning)
                                          Orange Grove
                                          Southern River
                                          City of Joondalup
                                          Burns Beach
                                          Ocean Reef
                                          Woodvale (* City of Wanneroo)
                                          Shire of Kalamunda
                                          Canning Mills
                                          Gooseberry Hill
                                          Hacketts Gully
                                          High Wycombe
                                          Kewdale (* City of Belmont)
                                          Maida Vale
                                          Paulls Valley
                                          Pickering Brook
                                          Piesse Brook
                                          Wattle Grove
                                          Town of Kwinana
                                          Hope Valley
                                          Kwinana Beach
                                          Kwinana Town Centre
                                          Naval Base
                                          The Spectacles
                                          City of Melville
                                          Alfred Cove
                                          Bull Creek
                                          Leeming (* City of Canning, City of Cockburn)
                                          Mount Pleasant
                                          Willetton (* City of Canning)
                                          Town of Mosman Park
                                          Mosman Park
                                          Shire of Mundaring
                                          Bellevue (* City of Swan)
                                          Glen Forrest
                                          Helena Valley
                                          Mahogany Creek
                                          Midvale (* City of Swan)
                                          Mount Helena
                                          Sawyers Valley
                                          Swan View (* City of Swan)
                                          The Lakes
                                          City of Nedlands
                                          Claremont (* Town of Claremont, Town of Cottesloe)
                                          Swanbourne (* Town of Claremont)
                                          Floreat (* Town of Cambridge)
                                          Mount Claremont (* Town of Cambridge)
                                          Nedlands (* City of Subiaco)
                                          Shenton Park (* City of Subiaco)
                                          Shire of Peppermint Grove
                                          Peppermint Grove
                                          City of Perth
                                          East Perth (* City of Vincent)
                                          Mount Eliza Reservoir
                                          Perth City
                                          West Perth (* City of Vincent)
                                          City of Rockingham
                                          East Rockingham
                                          Golden Bay
                                          Port Kennedy
                                          Safety Bay
                                          Secret Harbour
                                          Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale
                                          Darling Downs
                                          City of South Perth
                                          Collier Gardens
                                          Salter Point
                                          South Perth
                                          City of Stirling
                                          Mount Lawley (* City of Bayswater, City of Vincent)
                                          North Beach
                                          Osborne Park
                                          Tuart Hill
                                          Watermans Bay
                                          Wembley Downs (* Town of Cambridge)
                                          City of Subiaco
                                          Jolimont (* Town of Cambridge)
                                          Nedlands (* City of Nedlands)
                                          Shenton Park (* City of Nedlands)
                                          Subiaco (* Town of Cambridge)
                                          City of Swan
                                          Bellevue (* Shire of Mundaring)
                                          Henley Brook
                                          Herne Hill
                                          Jane Brook
                                          Middle Swan
                                          Midvale (* Shire of Mundaring)
                                          Noranda (* City of Bayswater)
                                          Perth Airport (* City of Belmont)
                                          Red Hill
                                          South Guildford
                                          Swan View (* Shire of Mundaring)
                                          The Vines
                                          Upper Swan
                                          Valley Ridge
                                          West Swan
                                          Town of Victoria Park
                                          Bentley (* City of Canning)
                                          East Victoria Park
                                          Kensington (* City of South Perth)
                                          St James (* City of Canning)
                                          Victoria Park
                                          Welshpool (* City of Canning)
                                          City of Vincent
                                          East Perth (* City of Perth)
                                          Mount Hawthorn
                                          Mount Lawley (* City of Stirling, City of Bayswater)
                                          North Perth
                                          Perth (* City of Perth)
                                          West Perth (* City of Perth)
                                          City of Wanneroo
                                          Alexander Heights
                                          Banksia Grove
                                          Quinns Rocks
                                          Tamala Park
                                          Two Rocks
                                          Woodvale (* City of Joondalup)

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