Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Still deciding...

Its been quite a few months since this blog has been started. I am still not personally satisfied that the time is right to go into the real estate market. As mentioned earlier, I am a Generation Y, yes, the generation that has it all. We as a generation are starting to worry about the future. For the first time the word uncertainty has crept into our vocab and the strange feeling is still taking a while to get used to. 

My personal feeling is to wait after June, see how the market responds to the first home owner grant being reduced or removed. It should cool the market right down and maybe lead to a (amatuer prediction imminent) 50k drop in house prices in Perth. That's just a gut feeling anyway. 

Meanwhile many of the househunters have come across this site by looking for crime rates in Perth suburbs. That is a major factor because your home is your castle. People jumping over your fence reduces the "ownership" of your house. And our generation doesn't like sharing (unless its movies or music over the internet). 

In terms of my injection to the Perth housing economy, I'm still holding tight. 

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