Friday, January 29, 2010

Ten most expensive suburbs in Australia

Here are a couple of suburbs you probably won't be using your first homebuyer's grant to get into (and if you are, shame on you). It looks like Perth and Sydney make up the top ten most expensive suburbs in the country. 

The top 10 Most Expensive (median house price)
Cottesloe WA Perth               $2,000,000
Mosman NSW Sydney          $1,922,500
Nedlands WA Perth               $1,775,000
Woollahra NSW Sydney        $1,650,000
Mosman Park WA Perth        $1,520,000
Hunters Hill NSW Sydney     $1,450,000
Claremont WA Perth              $1,350,000
Waverley NSW Sydney           $1,275,000
Willoughby NSW Sydney       $1,150,000
Manly NSW Sydney                 $1,150,000

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