Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Social Media Activism Propose House Strike

First homebuyers have been largely ignored in the last few years. In spite of a federal election, the price of housing has not been a major issue for the parties and it seems this segment of the market has not been a political problem for the parties. However, recently an online organisation has raised house prices as a subject for social media activism and from reports, it seems that members of GetUp Australia have voted this as the issue that they would most want to be addressed by the organisation.
The campaign would encourage people not to buy a house, effectively promoting a strike or embargo on purchasing a home in order to let the price of housing drop. The government can pre-empt this by bringing back a more substantial first home buyer grant. Without this organisation's activism, there already seems to be a housing strike in the greater Australian real estate market, with many buyers, including this author, holding out from buying a home. 

What will happen next? Will the government act? If you join in on this campaign, let us know in the comments below as well.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant! I'm not young but my kids deserve the right to put an affordable roof over their heads so I totally support it. I don't care of my house devalues in's my home, not a business.

Anonymous said...

I can afford but I have been refusing to buy a house at such an inflated price.
If I have to continue to rent so be it.

Anonymous said...

nonsense. people don't buy because prices are too high. end of story.

on another note: interesting to see that even the MSM seems to agree now that the FHB grant's main purpose is to prop up the market.
Does that mean that it will be renamed to Property Investor Skin Saver Grant?

Steph said...

That's ridiculous. Surely an embargo from GetUp supporters just means that non-GetUp supporters will buy the house instead (and maybe even at a cheaper rate!)

Anonymous said...

"The government can pre-empt this by bringing back a more substantial first home buyer grant." This is the dumbest comment ever...this is partly what helped prices rise so quickly....what a waste of tax payers money...we dont need FHB grants...

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