Monday, April 4, 2011

Perhaps GetUp is not the right mechanism for Buyer's strike

As mentioned recently by the advocate organisation GetUp, they have not yet decided to develop the Buyer's Strike beyond the idea stage. This is understandable as there are people who fund GetUp assuming that the organisation will support their particular interests. The "suggestion box" from which the Buyer's Strike emerged is, after all, GetUp's suggestion box. Whilst many people have supported this and joined GetUp to vote for the idea, they have their constituents to look after.

So what does that mean? 
It would seem that many first homebuyers hoping that GetUp would be the vehicle for their protests are feeling a little disappointed. For HomeInPerth, we continue to keep first homebuyers informed of the developments in the Real Estate market in Perth (and consequently around Australia as well). The best action we can take is:

Share information The problem that has been highlighted by the Buyers Strike campaign is the lack of information that people have when making decisions. If you know of tips, warnings or advice, feel free to leave comments here for others to benefit from.

Don't Rush The oldest trick in the book for sales people is to rush you into a decision. Its when we rush that we make stupid decisions. Remember, buying a house or dwelling is a decision that will affect your bank account for the next 30 years so it is a decision worth taking your time to think it through.

Increase Awareness Get to know your MPs and most likely this will be the first time that you email or write to them but it's definitely worth the time to do it. Also, pass on websites and blogs such as ours to your friends and other homebuyers to increase people's awareness about the issue of Housing. It's time we raised the stakes.

What will you do?


Anonymous said...

doesnt really matter does it? If they dont take it up they show the world that they are just another group acting out of their own self interest and they dont really care whats good for the country. But the world has caught on, just google "buyers strike", its already out there in a big way

Anonymous said...

I think just forget about GetUp! Clearly they have their own vested interest.

I suggest we bypass GetUp and go through social media instead. That way, we can be assured that it is really driven by the people.

FYI, take a look at

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