Tuesday, June 18, 2019

SomethING against you Platinum One

An ING bank card was touted as the Barefoot Investor's unofficial membership card in his first edition of his famous book. That was when they were giving 2% back on every transaction that you make and even we were convinced. Then the cashback disappeared as they said they will announce some "exciting new products". The exciting product? A credit card that costs $149 per year. The ING Orange Platinum card gives 1% cashback of up to $30 per month (on $3000 spend). So the most you can get out of this card is $360 per year IF you spend $36,000 ($3000 per month to get $30 cashback). So the best return you can get from this card is $360 minus $150 annual fee which is $210 for $36,000 spend = 0.58%. For most credit cards a return of 0.7% is considered fair. Coles Credit card gets you almost 1% back in flybuys points. So as Barefoot investor says - tread your own path.

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