Thursday, January 30, 2020

Perth newest shopping centre development will be near Murdoch Knowledge Health Precinct

When I was a kid, Kardinya shopping centre was just a strip of shops with Kmart being the main tenant and a grocery store a few steps away. Then in the 90s, they turned it into a shopping centre but it remained an awkward development between the freeway and Fremantle. Recently, Murdoch University has been earmarked to be a large commercial hub, linking with Fiona Stanley Hospital to become a knowledge and health precinct. Murdoch is pushing for more international students and has also started bold plans for more infrastructure along Murdoch Road as Roe Highway is extended to this main artery. So it shouldn't surprise us that Kardinya shopping centre will get an upgrade but no one would have expected this! With apartments, a cinema, swimming pools and climbing walls, the proposed development will increase the complex by 50% to 13,776m2. This could be a good time to look at houses around this area as this should be quite a good development if it goes ahead. There is nothing much in this pocket of Perth, with Garden City to the west and Cockburn to the south and currently nothing in Fremantle, this development does make a lot of sense.

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