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20 Things AI Hates about Perth

 20 Common Gripes: Things People Don't Like About Perth, WA

Perth, the charming capital city of Western Australia, is often praised for its stunning beaches, laid-back lifestyle, and thriving economy. However, like any place, it's not without its share of complaints and grievances. While many people adore Perth, some residents and visitors have their reasons for disliking certain aspects of the city. In this article, we'll explore 20 common gripes that people have about Perth, offering a balanced perspective on both the positives and negatives of living in this beautiful city.

1. Hot Summers: Perth's scorching summer temperatures can be challenging for those who prefer cooler climates.

2. Limited Public Transport: Some residents feel that Perth's public transport network is not as extensive or efficient as in other major cities.

3. Distance from Other Cities: Perth's isolation on the western coast of Australia can make travel to other cities or countries more time-consuming and expensive.

4. Expensive Flights: Traveling to and from Perth can be costly due to its remote location.

5. Lack of Nightlife: Compared to some other Australian cities, Perth's nightlife scene may be perceived as more limited.

6. Early Closing Times: Some people find it frustrating that many establishments, including bars and restaurants, close early in the evening.

7. High Cost of Living: The cost of living in Perth, particularly housing prices, can be a concern for some residents.

8. Limited Shopping Options: While Perth has a variety of shopping centers, some may feel that the shopping scene lacks diversity compared to larger cities. [Most cited reason from tourists that we talk to. Everything closes after 6pm is the usual comment. Yes, spud shed is open 24 hours but is spud shed next to the Hilton?]

9. Traffic Congestion: As the city grows, traffic congestion can be an issue, especially during peak hours.

10. Limited Job Opportunities: Certain industries in Perth, outside of the resources sector, may have limited job opportunities.

11. Lack of Public Wi-Fi: Free public Wi-Fi options may not be as widely available as in some other cities. [Actually you can get free wifi from any Telstra Payphone. When you land in Perth Airport there is also free wifi]

12. Strict Liquor Laws: Perth's liquor licensing laws can be perceived as restrictive by some.

13. Lack of Cultural Diversity: Some people may feel that Perth lacks the same level of cultural diversity found in larger metropolitan areas. [OK so Perth is a little uncultured, but I think this has changed quite a bit already. Maybe not like Melbourne sure]

14. Limited Public Events: While there are events in Perth, some may wish for a more extensive calendar of public gatherings.

15. Limited Public Art: The city's public art scene may not be as robust or prominent as in other cities.

16. Short Daylight Hours in Winter: During the winter months, the daylight hours in Perth can be shorter, affecting outdoor activities.

17. Harsh Sun and UV Exposure: Perth's strong sunlight requires residents to be vigilant about sun protection.

18. Sandstorms: Occasionally, Perth experiences sandstorms, which can create temporary inconvenience and affect air quality. [Never knew there were sandstorms...]

19. Lack of Rainfall: Perth's Mediterranean climate means that it experiences relatively low rainfall, leading to water conservation measures. [True. We get excited about rain]

20. Limited Public Spaces in the CBD: Some people feel that the central business district could offer more public spaces for relaxation and recreation.

It's essential to remember that these gripes are subjective and may not reflect the overall sentiment of all Perth residents. Despite these perceived negatives, Perth remains a sought-after destination for many due to its natural beauty, friendly locals, and overall high quality of life. Like any city, Perth has its quirks and drawbacks, but it also offers a unique and delightful experience to those who call it home.

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