Thursday, March 5, 2009

WA Suburbs that are Cheaper to Buy than Rent

The West Australian reported today that the Commonwealth Bank has prepared a report that shows the suburbs around the country that are cheaper to buy than to rent. This is interesting as many people presume that renting is what you do if you cannot afford a home. In many cases, it is the complete opposite, being more expensive to rent than buy.

So the top ten suburbs that are cheaper to buy than rent in WA are:
  1. Baynton, in Roeburne ($3,877.48 per month cheaper to buy!!!)
  2. South Hedland ($2,388.48 per month cheaper to buy)
  3. Dampier ($2,049.17 per month cheaper to buy)
  4. Kambalda West ($273.66 per month cheaper to buy)
  5. Rangeway, in Geraldton ($211.45 cheaper)
  6. Morgantown, in Carnarvon ($134.70 cheaper)
  7. Utakarra, in Geraldton ($113.15 cheaper)
  8. Boulder ($71.09 cheaper)
  9. Kalgoorlie ($36.46 cheaper)
  10. East Perth ($7.37 cheaper)
* For those outside of Perth, East Perth is the only metropolitan suburb on this list. Many of the above places are in mining towns in regional areas of Western Australia.

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