Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Almost 2% WA Mortgages are Delinquent

For those that may be wondering what has been happening with this "mortgage stress" situation in WA, it seems that we are topping the nation in having delinquent mortgages - that is, where mortgage repayments are at least one month behind! In terms of specific areas, Western Sydney has the worst mortgage delinquency rate with Fairfield - Liverpool area averaging 2.81%. Closer to home, these are WA suburbs featuring prominently in the top 20 mortgage delinquent suburbs in Australia.

6. Mandurah 3.9 per cent delinquency

8. Casuarina 3.8 per cent
11. Marangaroo 3.6 per cent
17. Gosnells 3.4 per cent
18. Swan 3.3 per cent

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