Friday, May 2, 2008

House prices on vs First National

I noticed a house on sale at the First National website as selling from $425,000. Later I was looking at and saw the same house at $435000-$445,000. I mention this here because many newbies like me are wandering into a market which we are not familiar with. We may know where to get the best Indian food in Perth or where is the cheapest place to get petrol ( if you were wondering) but when it comes to house prices.. its another ball game. Sure we may save $3 at the petrol station with our fuel voucher but if you muck THIS decision up, it could cost you $25,000!

I can say that I am just sussing the market now to see what GAMES people play and this is one of them. Some will say it is because one is more updated than the other. What other tricks have you seen or do you know about? If you are a real estate agent with a conscience, but a reputation to uphold, feel free to post anonymously :) My Generation thank you.

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