Monday, May 12, 2008

Unlucky 13 suburbs in Australia for investment

According to this news article, the following are the 13 worst places to invest in Australia. Real Estate is not an exact science and past trends dont necessarily indicate future performance but for what its worth, here's the list:

* Bankstown, western Sydney, NSW
* Blacktown, western Sydney, NSW
* Darwin, northern suburbs, NT
* Dinmore, Brisbane, Qld
* Esperance, southeast, WA
* Giru, north Qld
* Kalgoorlie, outback WA
* Katherine, outback NT
* Lyndhurst, Melbourne, Vic
* Mount Isa, western Qld
* Parramatta, western Sydney, NSW
* Shepparton, northern Vic
* Sunshine Coast, Qld

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