Friday, May 2, 2008

How much was that housey in the window... yesterday?

There are realestate websites all over the place. They tell you how much the houses are right now but have u ever wondered how much they were before? That sort of information I thought was impossible to find. Then after googling my street, i found ! What an awesome idea! They list all these houses that were on the market, when they were listed and how much they were listed at. If the house stayed on the market and relisted, they tell you how much was the first and second prices!

Not only that, you can also have a look at ANY street in that suburb for a more filtered search. Check it out. It seems to have listings from around the country. it seems quite comprehensive but if anyone else knows more (or a rep from appears) feel free to shed more light. This has made real estate research more interesting... now to check out an example in Perth, let's go for a street in Mount Lawley

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