Thursday, June 24, 2021

What's life like in.. Subiaco?

When you come home to your castle, do you ever worry whether you will get parking? For many people living in the inner city suburbs, the reality is, you don't want to move your car because someone is going to take your precious parking spot when you leave. Or you need to park three streets down because other local residents have taken your favourite parking spot. When you visit a part of Perth, with manicured local parks and cafes, it's easy to think how much you would love living there. But what is it like for those that have moved in? 

Apart from the parking issues, there are also the narrow lanes and parking bays that you need to fit your brand new SUV in. For some, they've already collected the scars of inner city living on their bumpers and side mirrors. While life in the inner city may suit the young professional, it may not be for everyone. Young families become paranoid about their children making noise, feeling like they have moved into the library during exam time. For others, being so close to their screaming neighbours gives them too much information about their relationship status. So when you pick your castle, remember that not every one of them comes with a moat, or a parking spot for that matter. Sometimes, you need to weigh up how close you really need to be in the city vs how much you value your personal space.

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