Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Housing Boom from Perth to Mandurah train line

The southern suburbs rail line has really changed the Real Estate market in Perth. Already all the suburbs sitting on either side of the kwinana freeway are averaging about $500k or more. One amazing thing about the new Perth to Mandurah rail line is that the train stops right under the Perth City Mall. It takes literally one minute to walk off the train and into the mall!
The new tagging system with the trains has made catching transport much easier, with people having the option of having their cards automatically topped up from their bank account when credit is running low for example. Also, the old system requiring ONLY coins was ridiculous. If you wanted to catch a train in a suburban station and you didnt have coins, you couldnt catch the train! Also, since you dont need to take out the ticket each time you validate it, there is less chance that you will lose your ticket home. I would definitely consider getting a place near the train line when I look for a place. The only problem with the system now is that criminals from other parts of the city have better access to the southern suburbs via the train system. However, the Premier of WA Alan Carpenter recently announced that vandals may be banned from the train systems. I hope this also includes burglars! The whole rail network is watched by CCTV so it is becoming a safer means of transport. More details about the SmartRider tagging system here and the
Suburbs to watch: In the southern suburbs, Cockburn seems to be developing into a Subiaco type suburb taking advantage of the train station and creating Cockburn Central right next to Gateway Shopping Centre which is already flourishing with a recent extension. As reported by, Leeming is another suburb worth watching. See the article here

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