Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Real Estate Agents in Perth

Who have you used for your Real Estate agents in Perth? There are so many and one that has recently seemed to come out of nowhere is FRUIT. What a name for a real estate agency! Fruit seems to advertise heavily in the community newspapers unlike the big hitters like The Professionals and LJ Hooker (actually havent seen many of these around recently) and ... i can't think of another one. Come to think of it, much of the houses in the southern suburbs near rich Applecross seem to be sold by Fruit.. not sure why.
One thing that scares a homebuyer is the pressure and gimmicks that we suspect real estate agents are always up to. To be on top of the game, maybe you can share what bad or good experiences you have had with real estate agents in Perth? If you are a real estate agent yourself, maybe its not bad idea to leave a comment to tell us a few things your colleagues have been known to do. Maybe you will earn the trust of first homebuyers' out there like me. Who's first and in touch with the market?

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