Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Perth Waterfront good for finding my new home?

Probably if I wanted to live in an apartment in the future, the Perth Waterfront project would be good. For those that don't know, the state government has come up with a plan to redevelop Perth's barren waterfront with a project that will look a little like this (details can be found at The project will probably inspire more apartments to be build inner city and with Burswood Entertainment Complex doing their own exciting work on the East of Perth, it could be a very exciting time for Perth in the future. No doubt this will increase investment in real estate in Perth and hopefully, the availability of property for first homebuyers. In the meantime we will continue to live the life of a spoilt Generation Y Perth young adult and look forward to sipping lattes on the Perth Waterfront wishing we had a home to go back to.

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