Thursday, February 21, 2008

Perth... the paradise we never realised until now

The problem with living in paradise is that you dont realise it is paradise until it is too late. I am like many of the other first home buyers in Perth who are looking for a home. Like many others who grew up in Perth, we never realised that our home was so good. While we were plotting to leave the most isolated english speaking city in the world, there were thousands around the world plotting how they would get in.

The result? A housing boom that we've realised only too late!! I'm keeping this blog as I search for my home in Perth. I dont know where it is yet. I dont know when I will get it. I dont even know what the path is to a new home! Another wayward Generation Y who thought he'd get his house by working hard and saving for a deposit only to watch the world rush past and snap up all the houses in metropolitan perth. At this rate, this Gen Y may have to live in Mandurah... not that there is anything wrong with that! If you stumbled upon this blog and you are in the same boat, hop in and let's see where the current takes us.

21st February 2008. The journey begins.

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