Wednesday, October 30, 2013

WA Suburbs - Who's still getting NBN?

If you have recently been to the NBNco website, you will notice that the new federal government has taken down some of the map which shows when different suburbs around Australia will get NBN. Some suburbs whose rollout is advanced enough to be completed will continue to get NBN under the old program. From what we could work out from posts online, these suburbs' in WA will continue with the existing rollout

  • 2BLK-06 (Seven Hills, Prospect) — 02 Dec 2013
  • 6GLT-01 (Geraldton) — 05 Nov 2013
  • 6MDR-01 (Mandurah) — 10 Oct 2013
  • 6GLT-02 (Geraldton) — 15 Dec 2013
  • 6MSP-03 (Meadow Springs) — 20 Oct 2013
  • 6VIC-03 (Victoria Park) — 22 Jan 2014
  • 6GLT-03 (Deepdale, Rudds Gully, Utakarra, Wonthella, Woorree, Beresford) — 23 Dec 2013
  • 6APP-02 (Ardross, Booragoon, Applecross) — 25 Nov 2013
  • 6MDR-02 (Mandurah) — Dec 2013
  • 6MDR-03 (Silver Sands, Mandurah) — Feb 2014
  • 6MSP-01 (Meadow Springs, San Remo, Greenfields) — Feb 2014
  • 6VIC-01 (Victoria Park) — Jan 2014
  • 6MSP-02 (San Remo, Madora Bay) — Jun 2014
  • 6SPT-03 (Kensington) — Jun 2014

The question mark is on these suburbs who may get a different looking NBN. 
  • 6APP-01 (Mount Pleasant, Applecross)
  • 6APP-03 (Mount Pleasant, Ardross)
  • 6APP-04 (Brentwood, Mount Pleasant, Booragoon)
  • 6APP-05 (Winthrop)
  • 6APP-06 (Murdoch, Bateman)
  • 6APP-07 (Bull Creek)
  • 6APP-08 (Leeming, Bull Creek)
  • 6CGE-03 (Medina, Naval Base, Orelia, Wattleup, Hope Valley)
  • 6CGE-04 (Kwinana Town Centre, Parmelia, Calista)
  • 6CGE-05 (Orelia, Parmelia, The Spectacles, Bertram)
  • 6GLT-04 (Spalding, Strathalbyn, Webberton, Woorree, Beresford)
  • 6GLT-05 (Spalding, Bluff Point)
  • 6GLT-06 (Mount Tarcoola, Tarcoola Beach, West End, Mahomets Flats)
  • 6GLT-07 (Tarcoola Beach, Wandina, Mount Tarcoola)
  • 6KAT-01 (Katanning)
  • 6KOJ-01 (Kojonup)
  • 6MDR-04 (Dudley Park)
  • 6MDR-05 (Greenfields)
  • 6MDR-06 (Coodanup, Furnissdale, Greenfields, Barragup)
  • 6MDR-07 (Dudley Park, Coodanup)
  • 6MDR-08 (Greenfields)
  • 6MDR-09 (Halls Head)
  • 6MSP-04 (Singleton, Golden Bay)
  • 6MSP-05 (Secret Harbour)
  • 6NTH-01 (Northampton)
  • 6NTM-01 (Northam)
  • 6PNJ-01 (Pinjarra)
  • 6PNJ-02 (Ravenswood)
  • 6SPT-01 (South Perth)
  • 6SPT-02 (South Perth)
  • 6SPT-04 (South Perth, Como)
  • 6SPT-05 (Como)
  • 6SPT-06 (Como)
  • 6SPT-07 (Manning, Salter Point, Como)
  • 6SPT-08 (Manning, Salter Point, Waterford, Karawara)
  • 6VIC-04 (Victoria Park)
  • 6VIC-05 (Rivervale, Lathlain)
  • 6VIC-06 (Kewdale, Lathlain, Carlisle)
  • 6VIC-07 (Welshpool, St James)
  • 6VIC-08 (East Victoria Park, Carlisle)
  • 6VIC-09 (Kewdale, Welshpool, Carlisle)
  • 6YND-01 (South Yunderup, North Yunderup)
Will this affect the house prices of those that already have NBN or will be getting the NBN under the old program? The new NBN will be FTTN which means the last leg of NBN cabling will be paid by the householder, so you can say those under the old NBN rollout get a significant saving of around $5,000? Depending on what the new NBN rollout will look like, which is yet to be determined. 

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